Speaker Profile

Juliano Nietiedt

The University Of Western Australia

Authors: Dr Juliano Nietiedt, Prof. Mark Randolph, Prof. Britta Bienen, Francisco Pereira - The University of Western Australia

Presenter: Dr Juliano Nietiedt

Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia with 10 years of combined industry and research experience in Geotechnical Engineering. Juliano completed his PhD at the University of Western Australia in 2022 about pile tip damage and extrusion buckling. Since graduation, Juliano worked as Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Fugro (Geoconsulting) in Perth, and since September 2023 returned to UWA as a Research Fellow for Floating Offshore Wind. Before moving to Australia in 2018, Juliano worked as a Geotechnical Engineer in Brazil, designing and supervising onshore infrastructure projects, such as dams, roads and railways. Juliano also has a master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering.

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