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Charles Collins

EGS Australia Pty Ltd

Charles Collins MSc is the Chief Surveyor at EGS Australia and is now based out of Fremantle, WA. He started as a graduate surveyor for EGS in 2008 and has specialised in hydrographic, geophysical and ROV survey acquisition, processing, and project management. He has supervised and worked in the field as Surveyor in Charge for 8 HIPP Hydrographic programs and numerous other large and small offshore surveys.
Charles pursued his Bachelor of Science with Honours in 2005 from the University of Plymouth, England. Building on his academic foundation, he went on to complete his Master of Science in Hydrography in 2007 from the same institution, earning the distinguished FIG/IHO (Category A) Accreditation. In 2011, Charles attended the University of New Brunswick to Multibeam Training Course, further deepening his understanding and cementing a desire to become a seabed mapping expert. In 2019 he gained the AMSA Coxswain Grade 2 allowing him to pilot survey launches and daughter craft.
A member of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) since 2009, Charles's expertise was recognized by the Australian Hydrographic Society which granted him a Level 1 Accreditation in 2013.
Professionally, Charles has extensively worked with Deep Water Multibeam systems, specializing in hydrocarbon mapping through backscatter/water column seep detections. He developed EGS’ deep-water backscatter transducer sector normalisation and calibration process. His hydrography experience further developed while conducting port authority surveys that necessitated a stringent uncertainty requirement for PPA/Port Operators in the northwest of WA and the NT. Recently, since 2019, Collins has channelled his focus towards the HIPP program, leading the evolution of methodologies for more expansive, high-accuracy hydrographic surveys. He is currently the project manager for EGS “EGS Autonomy, USV Fremantle 1” RnD development.

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