Hawk Measurement launches new Fibre Optic Monitoring for pipeline Leak Detection

Mar 2, 2015

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) is a manufacturer of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, announces the launch of the Fibre Optic Monitoring System.

HAWK has developed a unique ability to monitor all the needed variables for pipeline leak detection in a concise design whereby sound, temperature, vibration and sound can be monitored individually or combined allowing the design to be tailored for the exact needs of each application and customer needs now and in the future. This modular hardware and software is unique in the world and has world leading specifications and software development for false positive minimisation and maximum flexibility for specific in-situ customer needs. The systems can be for above ground and buried pipelines, with sensitivity and performance appropriate for each type or combined above and below ground installations.

The HAWK Fibre System solution is a next generation monitoring system that provides predictive analysis capabilities to allow better informed decisions to optimise the service life of pipeline assets including:

  • Cable condition monitoring / aging characteristics.
  • Stress, Strain and Pressures on the pipe.
  • Ground movement.
  • Unusual noise emanating either from the pipe or the surrounding environment.
  • Distributed fibre sensing gives an infinite number of sensing positions for a variety of pipe system performance changes.

Automated Alarms, and fault positions are accurately monitored for position and possible existing or new changes to the structure and leaks which may occur.

The combined approach will allow the collection of:

  • Change in temperature data, from pipe leaks.
  • Change in sound from pipe leaks or third party intrusion.
  • Change in stress/strain experienced due to pipe bending or loss of support.

About HAWK

HAWK, a world leader in level, positioning and flow measurement technology, provides cutting edge equipment to the global industrial market. With over 30 years of experience, HAWK offers a record of success in a wide range of areas including Petroleum, Oil & Gas, mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, bulk material handling and chemical. HAWK’s ongoing commitment aims to provide industry leading technology and cost-effective solutions. For more information about HAWK, please visit www.hawkmeasure.com.

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