Speaker Profile

Steve Lanyi

Dept. of Home Affairs

Steve Lanyi is the Assistant Director of the Business, Industry and Regional Outreach (BIRO) team for the Department of Home Affairs. Steve has over 20 years’ experience working across the broader Home Affairs and Immigration Programs portfolio, including several sworn officer roles with the Australian Border Force (ABF). Steve is based in Perth office of Home Affairs managing a team of Business, Industry and Regional Outreach (BIRO) officers who work closely with Government, regions, industry and businesses to provide information on Skilled Migration programs and visa options to address key workforce needs and skill shortages across Australia. Steve is a regular presenter at major events and conferences in his regional engagement role and has extensive industry engagement experience and skilled visa knowledge having worked across the Home Affairs and Australian Border Force (ABF) portfolio in a range of engagement, processing and compliance roles. He has a strong interest in working collaboratively with all levels of Government, industry and regional business. Steve’s WA based team specialise in several industry sectors including Resources, Energy and Renewables, Education and Early Childhood Care, Defence and Space sectors to support Australia’s skilled workforce needs and economic development.

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