Session Information

14-Mar, 13:30 - 13:45

Sustainability Below the Surface: Shaping Australia’s Offshore Industry Evolution

Decommissioning Theatre

In "Sustainability Below the Surface: Shaping Australia's Offshore Industry Evolution," we delve into the transformative impact of our subsea chop saw technology and pipe coating removal system. Focused on environmental responsibility, we discuss how these innovations streamline decommissioning processes while significantly reducing carbon footprints. Our subsea chopsaw ensures clean and rapid cuts, maximising the usability of decommissioned pipes. Paired with our advanced pipe coating removal system, we address the often-overlooked aspect of repurposing materials. This meticulous process leaves pipes in a pristine state suitable for reuse. We showcase how this integrated technology exceeds industry expectations, epitomising the marriage of technological innovation and environmental stewardship. Join us to explore the complexities of subsea sustainability, highlighting cleaner, faster cuts and an immaculate coating removal finish, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious decommissioning practices.

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