Session Information

15-Mar, 11:15 - 11:30

Transforming obstacles to assets: positive stakeholder engagement in decommissioning decision making

Decommissioning Theatre

Positive engagement of stakeholders is not only required by decommissioning regulation, but also is critical in avoiding PR and reputational disasters downstream. Stakeholder engagement often occurs as a ‘necessary evil’ to be executed to tick boxes, but the leading thinkers in oil and gas decommissioning are seeing the huge opportunity of turning stakeholder engagement into an asset in support of the decision process. Positive stakeholder engagement starts right in the design of the decommissioning decision process – by creating a collaborative approach to decision making built on best-practice decision science. Paul will share his 20 years' experience designing and facilitating collaborative, multi-stakeholder decision processes with high levels of stakeholder participation and speak first-hand to real world examples from decommissioning decision making. Paul will draw out some key, fundamental principles which make the difference.

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