Inaugural Africa Forum will unlock some of the continent’s mysteries

Jan 29, 2015

From the arrival of the early explorers and adventurers to the creation of today’s modern societies, Africa has always been known as a land of excitement and mystery.

And that has been reflected in the oil and gas industry’s long history there.

A new event on the Australian oil and gas calendar is looking to unlock some of those mysteries and to reveal how Australians are playing a vital role in opening up new frontiers.

The inaugural Africa Oil and Gas Forum Australia 2015 will be staged on the eve of the main AOG programme at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) on Tuesday March 10.

The conference will feature a cross section of leading African and Australian dignitaries and industry specialists coming together to outline the many new developments that are occurring around the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent.

A recent review undertaken by PwC shows that the oil and gas industry in Africa continues to show substantial growth, with new hydrocarbon provinces developing at a significant pace.

“Large gas finds in Mozambique and Tanzania have caused the world to take note of East Africa as an emerging player in the global industry,” the report found.

And it is no wonder that Africa is now one of the global hot spots for the oil and gas sector. Six of the top 10 global discoveries in the oil and gas sector in 2013 were made in Africa.

A real focus of attention in recent times has been East Africa, which studies have suggested will overtake the rest of Africa in infrastructure requirements, with a particular need to support a rapidly developing LNG industry that is set to rival that of Australia over the next few decades.

However, West Africa continues to be major global oil and gas producer with Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Angola and Egypt still the leading producers and holders of proven reserves.

The PwC review also suggested that governments and national oil companies continue to play a significant role in the development of Africa’s oil and gas sector, and this is particularly the case for the new players which are being required to create new laws and fiscal measures to deal with the game changing oil and gas developments occurring there.

With the Africa Forum bringing together many of those decision makers in Perth, it will be a must attend event for those already in Africa and those looking for opportunities there.

Topics for discussion at the inaugural event include: Africa’s Oil Boom: Trends, Market Opportunities and Outlook; Partnerships and Collaborations in the region; Offshore Exploration and Production in Africa; Local Content and International Companies in the Region; and Oil & Gas Sector and Africa’s Development.

A follow up to the highly successful East Africa Oil & Gas Conference Australia (EAOGA 2014) event held in Perth last August, this event is sure to be popular, so make sure to book early.


Africa Oil and Gas Forum

Tuesday 10 March

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