Session Information

14-Mar, 13:00 - 13:15

Innovation in Deconstruction & Recycling – Case studies

Decommissioning Theatre

Birdon, an Australian-based manufacturer and prime contractor, is renowned for its commitment to providing flexible and comprehensive solutions across maritime sector. Our focus on sustainability and longevity underscores our dedication to delivering end-to-end services tailored to the diverse needs of our clients.

In 2023, Birdon successfully completed three significant marine Deconstruction and Recycling projects, showcasing innovative solutions for the load-in and recycling of complex marine assets in Australia. These projects encompassed the salvage, deconstruction, and recycling of the Oberon-class submarine, ex-HMAS Otama, the docking and recycling of the MEFF Disconnectable Turret Mooring, and the deconstruction and recycling of the 10,000-tonne vessel ex-HMAS Sirius.

In this presentation we will share the invaluable insights gained from these projects and how these learnings can be leveraged for upcoming oil and gas decommissioning activities, highlighting the capabilities of the Australian industry.

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