A New Model of Safety Collaboration

Mar 15, 2018

Safer Together WA/NT is a new model of safety collaboration for the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry in Western Australia and the Northern Territory has been a pillar of the State, Territory and National economies for many decades.  The reputation of the industry as a safe, reliable supplier of oil, gas and LNG to the domestic and export markets has been well established.   The Industry has rapidly expanded during the past decade with the development of several major gas fields and the construction of infrastructure for new LNG export facilities.  Some of the new facilities have recently commenced production while others are scheduled to commence production within the next 12 months.

Niall Myles, SVP of Woodside’s Australia Operating Unit, is co-chair of a group of engaged industry leaders committed to continually improving safety performance.

“This is an opportune time to improve the way safety is led and coordinated in the oil and gas sector in WA and the NT. Through collaboration, we can preserve and enhance the sector’s reputation as a safe and reliable supplier of energy.

“There are now a number of projects in WA and the NT and, as we move into this new and exciting phase of developments and operations in both jurisdictions, there is much to be gained through further collaboration on safety.  The time is right for Safer Together WA/NT. That’s why I have volunteered to be Operator Co-Chair of this new organisation that links operators and contractors”.

Safer Together WA/NT is a not-for-profit, member-led organisation of Operator Companies and Contract Partner Companies committed to creating the leadership and collaboration needed to build a strong and consistent safety culture in the Western Australia and Northern Territory Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry.  It is based on the successful Safer Together model of collaboration that has been running in Queensland since 2014.

Most importantly, Safer Together WA/NT will improve the Industry’s safety outcomes, and will also deliver benefits for the Industry through simplification, standardisation and improved efficiency by:

  • sharing best practice.
  • developing and implementing industry standards.
  • establishing practical programs designed to address current and anticipated safety risks.

Membership of Safer Together WA/NT is open to all Operator Companies and Contract Partner companies that have a genuine interest in promoting safety.  Member companies have the opportunity to drive the Industry’s safety agenda through:

  • involvement in bi-annual Industry Safety Forums.
  • eligibility to join the Safety Leaders Group and steer the Industry’s safety agenda.
  • participation in Working Groups that address the various safety issues facing the industry.


Find out more at: www.safertogether-wa-nt.com.au

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