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Winton Evers

Eco Profit Management Pty Ltd

Winton has been involved in carbon and energy management for 14 years. He has a Master of Science, majoring in Climate Change & Sustainable Resource Management and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, Finance & Systems. He holds a Certificate IV in Carbon Management. He is the founder and managing director of Eco Profit, a company dedicated to assisting organizations to significantly lessen their impact on the environment (or even restoring it) whilst increasing their net financial worth.

Winton started his professional life as a Chartered Accountant, with a focus on assisting clients to improve their business operational efficiency and profitability. In later life, he operated a successful demolition and recycling business with a perfect safety record. So, what has this to do with anything?
Winton utilizes his skills and experience in financial accounting and risk management in the application of carbon accounting in clients’ businesses, aligning carbon accounting processes with financial and management accounting processes (aka his carbon balance sheet) and developing climate and sustainability-related risk management systems to meet financial disclosure and customer expectations. Eco Profit applies these processes mostly to large corporates and local governments.

Winton is diligent in staying up to date with the ever-evolving carbon business and strives to be an innovator. He has created unique carbon accounting tools that assist his clients in understanding their scope 1 and 2 emission hotspots, calculating their scope 3 emissions, developing the business case for renewables and energy upgrades, and successfully engaging their suppliers to lower their emissions.

Via Eco Profit, Winton also conducts energy audits and climate risk assessments for clients (Winton has extensive experience in work, health & safety and holds and a Certificate IV in WHS which has been invaluable in the development of Eco Profit’s climate risk templates).

Winton realizes that collaboration is vital in an industry where so many different disciplines are needed to complete projects successfully. In this regard, he and his Eco Profit team have an extensive list of team partners who can be called on to ensure the best outcome for clients.

Eco Profit is registered with VERRA as a General Account Holder. This entitles Eco Profit to trade in VERRA offsets and develop carbon offset projects. Eco Profit is also registered with the Clean Energy Regulator under the ACCU Scheme, is an approved reseller of Plan Vivo offsets, and is a certified consultant under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral program.
Winton also facilitates educational courses on carbon accounting, carbon offsetting, and carbon management systems for corporate and government organizations, with participants enrolling from all parts of the globe.

Winton is currently involved in the development of a carbon offset methodology for the removal and storage of CO2 in buildings via the cultivation of hemp. This is a first of its kind.

Lastly, Winton is Treasurer of Sunshine Project for Community Inc, a registered charity with ACNC that operates to fund renewable energy systems for local not-for-profit organizations that cater to people in need. Sunshine Project also runs community energy workshops to show community members how to reduce their energy bills.

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