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Patricia Fesser


Patricia Fesser is currently the Managing Director of SLB in Australasia, a position she assumed in July 2020, shaping the companies interests across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. She graduated in Petroleum Engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and further with a Master’s Program Degree from Heriot Watt University from the Business and Petroleum Engineering Schools She has completed several Executive Courses in Digital, Sustainability and Net Zero with recognised institutions like Barkley, Stanford and Harvard. She is currently based in Perth, West Australia.

She began her career with Schlumberger in 2001 as a Reservoir Engineer in Caracas, Venezuela. Since then, she has held management positions across multiple business lines and functions, such as Vice President of Software Integrated Solutions in South America, Global HR Manager of Software Integrated Solutions, Managing Director of Colombia & Peru and Managing Director of Eastern Atlantic in Canada.

She has held a variety of professional assignments for Schlumberger in a broad geography which includes Africa, Europe, North America, Russia and South America.

Patricia’s top priority is People as she considers that they are a key factor for the success of SLB operations as technology company, driving high performance and innovation sustainably for a balance planet

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