Speaker Profile

Mary Barry

Circulareco Pty Ltd & Women of Offshore Wind

Mary Barry, MBA
Founding Director & CEO of CircularEco Pty Ltd
Founding Director & CEO of Women of Offshore Wind (WOW)
Winner of the Innovation in Energy Transition Business Award 2023 - Subsea Energy Australia

Mary Barry, CEO and Founding Director of CircularEco, stands at the forefront of Australia's energy transition. Her expertise, honed in the shipping industry, has been pivotal in Australia's shift to renewable energy, particularly through her significant work on the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act (OEI Act). Mary's pioneering leadership extends to forging strong partnerships with industry players and academic institutions, focusing on driving investment in groundbreaking renewable technologies whilst addressing the evolving labor needs in the energy sector. Her impactful work in this field was recognised with the Innovation in Energy Transition award from Subsea Energy Australia. Mary also advocates for empowering STE(A)M fields, fostering environments for professional growth focussing on Industry and Educational partnerships and initiatives.

Mary, founding director of Women of Offshore Wind (WOW), trailblaser for diversity and innovation, advocating for inclusive representation in the sector. Under her leadership, CircularEco has become synonymous with cutting-edge advancements in renewable energy, actively collaborating with government and industry leaders to propel Australia towards a sustainable, net zero emissions future. Her dynamic and transformative leadership not only elevates CircularEco but also solidifies her status as a powerful force in the global energy landscape.

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