Speaker Profile

Jane Wardlaw

Clean Energy Regulator

Jane Wardlaw is the General Manager of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting and Safeguard Branch at the Clean Energy Regulator.

The Branch is responsible for the administration of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme – which establishes a single, national framework that requires Australia’s largest companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and energy consumption and provides for the dissemination of this information to inform policy, the Australian public, and assist meeting Australia’s international reporting obligations.

The Branch is also responsible for the implementation of reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism. Under the reformed Safeguard Mechanism, Australia’s largest emitting facilities will be required to reduce their emissions in line with Australia’s climate targets.

Jane is the lead on a number of key projects that will support the Implementation of the Safeguard Mechanism – including the replacement of the Emissions and Energy Reporting System, the modernisation of the Australian National Registry of Emissions Units and the facilitation of the emergence of the Australian Carbon Exchange.

Jane has extensive experience in regulatory roles, with more than 17 years in regulatory positions across the Commonwealth government – with a particular focus on the implementation of climate policy.

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