Speaker Profile

Erich Hofmann

Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd

In 2003 Mr Erich Hofmann was appointed Managing Director
of Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd. The company was founded by his father (John) and by his Uncle (Erich) in 1969. Erich has been involved and grown with Hofmann Engineering since its humble beginnings in a small backyard workshop when he was 5 years old.
After graduating in 1986 from The University of Western
Australia with Honours in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in gear design and manufacture, Erich spent a few years honing his skills by working with some of the World’s leading
gear manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland and USA. Using
some of the skills learnt from this trip, Erich developed
Hofmann’s gear manufacturing capabilities to being one of the largest gear manufacturers in this part of the world.
Erich has been invited to participate in numerous Government
Committees including Future Manufacturing Industry
Innovation Council, Manufacturing Leaders Group and Resource Sector Supplier Advisory Forum and many more.
Hofmann Engineering provides specialised engineering services to Australian and International industry leaders. With a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a belief that innovation and technological change is the essence of survival, Hofmann Engineering is continually developing and refining new processes and methodologies as an integral
part of the business.
Hofmann Engineering is also dedicated to training and has an ongoing commitment to Apprentice and Engineer
training. We have a dedicated apprentice and engineer
training programs that encompasses the most advanced manufacturing technologies that utilizes industry 4.0 systems.
As an Executive Director of Hofmann Engineering, Erich
Hofmann has steered the business units such as Energy,
Mining, Manufacture, Defence, Aerospace, Rail, Sugar, Cement
and others. With green energy we have been involved with
Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Wave and Solar.
As Managing Director, Erich has worked hard to keep Hofmann Engineering strong in a very competitive market environment and since taking over in 2003 he has orchestrated the companies continual growth and purchase
of additional branches (most with workshops attached) in Australia; including Melbourne, Bendigo and Newcastle and internationally in Chile, Peru, Canada, India and China. This
now sees half of our products exported around the world.
Erich is a long term member of the AGMA (American Gear Manufacturing Association) and has presented gear technology and engineering papers at international conferences worldwide.

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