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Chris Trowbridge


Chris Trowbridge is an adept Supply Chain executive with extensive experience in the resources, industrials, and defense sectors, now emphasizing sustainable and ethical practices in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) principles. An expert in streamlining and transforming supply chains, Chris integrates strategic direction, risk management, shareholder commitments, and now, sustainability and circular economy strategies.

In his current role as a Business Advisor, Chris provides visionary advisory services focused on supply chain sustainability, achieving substantial efficiencies in reducing emissions, minimizing waste, and aligning business operations with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). His approach to ESG centers around fostering ethical supply chains, advocating for environmental stewardship, and promoting social responsibility within corporate structures.

Previously, Chris served as Head of Customer Strategy for Toll Global Logistics and as General Manager in the oil and gas industry. There, he concentrated on creating value and driving operational excellence with a keen eye on sustainability. With a robust background in logistics and continuous business improvement, Chris now leverages his skills to evaluate and guide technology and innovation, ensuring they meet stringent sustainability criteria and positively contribute to the evolving business landscape in terms of ESG performance.

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