Session Information

14-Mar, 10:15 - 10:30

Using satellite data to support decommissioning of energy assets.

Decommissioning Theatre

During the last 25 years, KSAT has consolidated solid and reliable experience in Earth Observation services, especially its Near-Real Time (NRT) Oil Spill and Vessel Detection services.

The KSAT Decommissioning service is targeting stakeholders from both contractors and regulators, and the use of satellite data is proven to provide the involved project team with an overview of the area before the activity starts, during the decommissioning activity and finally, area surveillance after completion.

Satellites are the most cost-efficient monitoring tool, compared with aircraft and vessels. The portfolio of satellites from KSAT is unique and currently we deliver surveillance reports for monitoring of oil spills, Methane, vessel detection, water quality in addition to onshore monitoring and mapping.

With industry partners, KSAT has developed technologies that improve safety in project execution and enhanced environmental monitoring for the offshore energy sector and the broader decommissioning industry.

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