Session Information

13-Mar, 11:00 - 11:15

The Gateway to Green Decommissioning – Uniting Regulatory Compliance with Socio-Economic Enhancement

Decommissioning Theatre

The geographical advantage of the Gascoyne Gateway Green Port Facility, located in Exmouth, presents a strategic value proposition in the realm of decommissioning offshore facilities. Located in close proximity to numerous offshore structures in need of decommissioning, the port facility will offer a pivotal base of operations for such activities. The accessibility of the port facility can significantly reduce transit times, ensuring cost-effective and efficient mobilisation of decommissioning assets. The Green Port Facility’s dedication to environmental sustainability provides a platform that decommissioning projects can support ecological considerations, minimising the environmental and carbon footprint, in recognition of the impact hydrocarbon industry during production. This facilitates a more sustainable end-of-life cycle for offshore facilities while bolstering regional economic growth through job creation and local industry engagement. The Gascoyne Gateway Green Port Facility emerges as a vital component in the responsible and resource-efficient dismantling of offshore infrastructure, aligning economic pursuits with environmental stewardship.

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