Session Information

15-Mar, 11:00 - 11:15

Optimising Riser-less Well Abandonment: Best practices and Cutting Edge Technologies in Vessel Based Approaches

Decommissioning Theatre

The North Sea decommissioning domain is dynamic, and our vessel-based team has extensive expertise in this field. Our success is rooted in pioneering abrasive cutting technology and the innovative SEABASS system. SEABASS is a single-trip straddle system that provides next-generation riser-less well decommissioning. It perforates single or multiple casing strings, creates a circulating path for contaminant removal, and places environmentally sound cement plugs. This streamlines operations, enhances safety, and mitigates risks. Our strategic focus includes collaborative partnerships with vessel providers, operators, and third parties, coupled with mobilization efficiencies driven by experience, simulation testing, and adaptation. We excel in interpreting well data, anticipating unforeseen challenges, and optimizing operational scopes to de-risk complex projects. The accolade of the “Decom-Mission Award for Innovation” at the 2023 annual awards underscores the system’s groundbreaking impact.

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