Session Information

14-Mar, 10:45 - 11:00

Next-Gen Decommissioning: Leveraging High Resolution Visual Reality for Efficient Operations

Decommissioning Theatre

This presentation will provide an overview of how 134 Megapixel photogrammetry benefits the decommissioning of assets by:

• Reducing operational costs
• Improving safety
• Reducing maintenance turnaround times
• Reducing greenhouse emissions

During the session, we will provide examples of our virtualplant product and how clients are using it to save time and money. We will discuss:

• Planning tools, material and resources required to do the job prior to getting there
• Reducing travel to site by being able to cost or quote on work by using virtualplant
• Visually inspecting site for safety hazards prior to attending
• Sharing information and cross collaboration with others not onsite
• Staff orientation and using virtualplant to plan safe access routes
• Using AI to determine corrosion detection

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