Session Information

14-Mar, 13:45 - 14:00

Lightening the P&A Load – Wellhead loading for old weak wells

Decommissioning Theatre

As the amount of well decommissioning in Australia ramps up, the industry will be increasingly facing the challenge of connecting to old weak wellheads. This problem is partly age related, due to accumulated fatigue, corrosion and other related factors, but is exacerbated by the larger, heavier BOP stacks of modern rigs. Other challenges include: unsocketed wellheads, and lack of detail on the wellhead design such as weld data. This presentation explores some of the options available to the industry in addressing this challenge, looking at more accepted options such as tethering, but also alternatives such as an ALARP approach to safety factors used in loading analysis, lightweight BOPs, and opportunities for maximising open water operations.

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