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Feb 5, 2015

Each year, the AOG conference defines and explores the issues and challenges of the oil and gas industry on a national and international scale. In March, over 150 thought leaders from Australia and abroad come to Perth to share their knowledge on the innovations, challenges and technology driving the oil and gas industry. Below is a presentation preview from some of our leading speakers at AOG Conference 2015..


 Liz Hardwick

Liz Hardwick (Legal Counsel Asia Pacific & Company Secretary, DOF Subsea)

Subsea Contracts – Current Trends and Market Insights .

Exploring Subsea Contracts: 10am Wednesday 11 March

Through their combined experience as members of a leading subsea contractor and Australian law firm the presenters will provide insights to the audience on recent trends in subsea oil and gas contracts. The presentation will focus on the key topics of cost recovery shifting contractual risk in key operational areas and dealing with anti – bribery and corruption requirements for regional activities. The essential aspects to each topic will be identified and then explained with the use of scenario case studies. The issue of cost recovery is discussed in the context of the current cost conscious environment. A major area where these concerns manifest themselves is in the making and granting of variation orders.

Steve Knott

Steve Knott ( Chief Executive, Australian Mines and Metals Association)

Ensuring Competitiveness Through Productivity: The importance of workplace relations reform

Human Capital: 10am Thursday 12 March

Australia’s workplace relations system has been identified as posing some of the biggest challenges to resources companies wanting to do business, invest and create jobs in Australia, and a critical concern for an industry subject to intensifying global competition. Steve Knott, Chief Executive of Australia’s national resource industry employer group AMMA, examines:

Australia’s productivity performance against existing and emerging competitors.

The importance of workplace relations for boosting resource industry productivity and positioning Australia to secure further waves of global investment and the benefits they bring to Australia’s economy and society.

Key reform priorities for resource industry employers, and the workplace policy foundations the industry needs for future productivity and competitiveness.

Labour productivity in the wider context of related challenges including skills, leadership and technology utilisation.

Ralph Forster

Ralph Forster (Manager Strategic sourcing and Supplier Relations, Clough)

Global Imperative for Local Content. Australian Industry Participation: 12pm Wednesday 11 March

The drive for local content has changed from a nice-to-have supporting local businesses to a government sponsored (and in some areas mandated) requirement. As Australia moves from a period of capacity expansion to capability assurance, focus shifts from low volume, high value procurement to high volume low value. What are the factors impacting our ability and intent to support local content wherever we operate in the world.


Richard Hinkley

Richard Hinkley (Chevron Perth Global Technology Centre Manager)

Can Perth become a LNG Technology Centre of Excellence? Australian Industry Participation- Plenary session: 10am Wednesday 11 March

With Australia emerging as a leader in LNG, Perth is perfectly positioned to become a global centre of excellence, whereby other counties look to for breakthroughs in technology and sourcing talent. But what will it take to achieve this goal? Richard will discuss this in the context of increased industry collaboration across all areas of the LNG production value chain, including the:

1. Need for sustained, reliable operations for a generation
2. Reduced development costs to encourage the next wave of LNG investments in Australia.
3. Export of innovations and technologies
4. Partnerships with universities, research institutes and other organisations to enable innovation.

Hendrik Synman

Hendrick Snyman ( Chief Procurement Officer, Woodside)

Mutually Creating a Competitive Advantage.  Australian Industry Participation: 11am Wednesday 11 March

The Oil and Gas industry in Western Australia has gone through tremendous growth during the last 8 years specifically. With the decline in the construction boom new opportunities are coming to the fore. Local Australian vendors/contractors stand to win from these opportunities if they position themselves correctly in the market place. What are operators looking for going forward? What can contractors/vendors offer that add value to Owners like Woodside. This presentation will highlight the journey of Woodside and how the contractor/vendor community can assist in that journey.


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