Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast: Avoiding Ageism in Oil and Gas

Feb 29, 2024

International diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) specialist Dr Tom Verghese will headline the Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast at AOG Energy 2024, before leading an expert panel discussion on why generational diversity needs to be a key cog in the DEI conversation for the energy sector.

Dr Verghese said in the workplace today, organisations were literally dealing with four different generations, and in some cases even five generations. He said – a key thing that needed to be discussed was how to achieve intergenerational collaboration.

“So, how do you foster intergenerational collaboration, because the data shows if you have good intergenerational collaboration, you are going to get high performing teams – greater innovation and better ideas,” Dr Verghese said.

“Yet, people from different generations have different aspirations, different motivators, and different interests. One size for everybody doesn’t quite work.

“You need to think about what is important for someone who is 25 years of age compared to the priorities of someone who is 55.”

Dr Verghese said leaders needed to consider the different interests and how organisations could appeal to the full age spectrum of its workforce and how it transitioned and retained people through various stages of life.

Regarding the oil, gas and energy sector specifically, he said the sector had to balance the dual priorities of retaining and tapping into the wisdom of people who had been in the industry for 20 or 30 years, while attracting young talent to industries that perhaps are not as attractive as others in a transitioning world.

“Think of all the things the oil and gas sector still has going for it. It is still a key contributor to the Western Australian and national economy, as well as the scenario planning, technology and safety innovations that have come out of the industry.”

Dr Verghese will lead a panel discussion to explore how some of the sector’s largest employers are practically engaging with the concept of generational diversity and intergenerational collaboration. He is well credentialed in the energy sector, having consulted to major organisations including BP, Shell, South 32, Rio Tinto and Mitsubishi.

The Diversity & Inclusion is proudly sponsored by Baker Hughes, with support from Woodside Energy (Operator Partner), Chevron Australia (Operator Partner), Menopause Friendly Australia (Community Partner), and Engineers Australia (Supporting Partner).
It is a ticketed event as part of AOG Energy week in Perth and will take place on the morning of Thursday March 14 at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Ticket holders will also be granted access to the exhibition floor.

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