AOG Energy Welcome Message

Mar 11, 2024

On behalf of the WA Government, welcome to AOG Energy 2024.

Perth is excited to be the host the country’s premier energy trade event once again. It is our pleasure to welcome the thousands who are expected to walk through AOG Energy 2024, with them representing dozens of countries.

This year AOG Energy 2024 is set to focus on the clean energy transition as well as continue to showcase local jobs and opportunities in the energy sector. The WA Government’s principal sponsor for AOGE, the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is proud to again be involved with this vital conference.

The WA Government has made a $708 million commitment to upgrading our State’s main electricity network and unlocking renewable energy generation opportunities. This is in conjunction with $160 million for industrial lease incentives to attract large-scale clean energy projects and $134 million to reduce greenhouse emissions and create jobs.

Western Australia holds the potential to provide major support for the clean energy transition worldwide. Our state has the resources and the energy transition vision to be a world leader. Already, WA has one of the highest uptakes of rooftop solar in Australia, an abundance of natural resources to make lithium-ion or vanadium flow batteries, a skilled workforce, and a proven track record of delivering successful effective projects.  The WA Government has allocated funding for the Wind Turbine Manufacturing Initiative to conduct a full feasibility study into manufacturing and maintaining turbines in the State.

AOGE serves as a fantastic arena for small and medium enterprises in Western Australia to present their ideas and innovations in front of people from across the world. As with the thousands who are expected to attend over the next few days, I am looking forward to seeing as much as I can from the over 200 exhibiters and many speakers.

One key exhibit I encourage all to visit, hosted by JTSI, is the Aboriginal Business Pavilion which is supporting several Aboriginal businesses to co-exhibit and showcase their products, technologies and services to the energy sector. It is thanks to AOG Energy 2024 that these businesses can share their work and discoveries firsthand with a global audience.

I have no doubt anyone attending AOG Energy 2024 will leave feeling ready and ‘Energised for the Future’.

Hon Reece Whitby


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